Dogs Lick Paws: Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

Dogs Lick Paws: Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

Dogs Lick Paws: Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws? – Most pet owners have observed their pets licking, slurping at and chewing their feet at one point or one other, however when a dog constantly licks its paws, some wonder if it’s a cause for concern. They will ask us, “Why is my dog licking his paws?” and the truth is that it might be every thing from mundane boredom to yeast infections to painful growths. So, we hope this list will help point out what other symptoms to search for as well as when paw licking is more of an issue.

Why do dogs lick their paws?

This kind of self-grooming behavior is normal to a sure level, however frequent licking and chewing might occur for a number of reasons:

Reason #1: Injury

If your dog is experiencing a kind of pain from their feet, they’re going to lick. Often, if they are licking just one paw, that means your dog may have some type of injury on that foot: a thorn between its toes, an incision from a sharp pebble, or some other injury. Gently check the foot and consider bringing the pup in to the vet for any bad splinters or injuries.

Reason #2: Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)

If the fleas keep biting, the dog keeps licking. Paws are stricken by flea saliva, which results in irritated, itchy skin. If the licking is a results of FAD, you will often see hot spots, fur loss and other symptoms of fleas.

Reason #3: Mange, Dust Mites or Other Parasites

Of course, fleas are not the only parasites that may bother your dog. Chewing paws could be your dog’s way of attacking dust mites or mange.

Reason #4: Food Allergies

Allergies to soy, corn, wheat, egg, and specific meats (like chicken, pork, and beef) are possible. In this case, you may even see several behaviors with your dog: licking paws, hot spots, rash and severe gastro symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea. Your vet will likely suggest switching food or attempting a special diet that eliminates specific components after taking an allergy check.

Reason #5: Other Allergies

Unfortunately, there are numerous, many things your dog could be allergic to that may lead to atopic dermatitis: pesticides, molds, weeds, kinds of grass and kinds of pollen are all common. If your dog has gone hiking with you recently, check on your dog’s feet to see if the irritation subsides.

Reason #6: Cleaners, Shampoos and Perfumes

Sometimes your dog may walk in recently cleaned areas and experience a reaction from some cleaners. For example, if you have had a flea episode recently, dogs will usually have a powerful reaction to flea-control powders. Avoid letting your dog walk on powders, perfumes, and cleansing products.

Reason #7: Yeast or Fungal Infection

For overly licked dog paws, redness between toes might indicate a secondary infection. This might come in the form of either a bacterial infection or a fungal (yeast) infection.

Reason #8: Bacteria

Bacterial issues in the skin might cause several forms of dermatitis. The bacteria could be the root cause of the problem, however more often it is a secondary issue that arises after a dog has licked too much.

Reason #9: Dry Skin

Winter weather could make your dog’s skin dry. Also, excessive baths and harsh soaps can dry their feet out. Sometimes, your pet could be on a prescription where dry skin is a side effect. In that case, contact your veterinarian to see when and how to switch to a different drug.

Reason #10: Road Salts

Winter can do a number on both human hands and dogs’ feet! Luckily, in Jacksonville, Florida, we do not’ must worry about salt on the roads or balls of ice between pets’ toes very often, however those clients who may spend some time up North ought to be aware that this is a factor.

Reason #11: Arthritis Pain

Again, paw licking can just be a reaction to pain. Older dogs might be reacting to the pain of arthritis. Watch for limping and stiffer movement.

Reason #12: Cysts or Growths

Whereas it is somewhat rarer, your dog might get a cyst, tumor or abnormal growth, which ought to be something easily visible if you gently spread out their toes.

Reason #13: Anxiety

Why do dogs chew their feet if they are anxious? One may think of it like a nervous human chewing their fingernails. The may lick whereas separated from their humans or before going to sleep. Anxiety in dogs can occur for many reasons, and there are numerous strategies to combat it, like compression vests, training, and routines.

Reason #14: Boredom

Like molting for birds, dogs chewing their feet could be a results of stress and boredom. Make certain your dog has a toy, time to socialize and places to walk or roam around.

Final Notes

Of course, this is just some of the various more dozens of ways to answer the question, “Why is my dog licking her paws?” However those who are worried about this persistent behavior ought to consider contacting your nearest vet location.

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